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The Auriculotherapy Certification Institute (ACI) was incorporated as an international, non-profit, educational organization in August of 1999, in Los Angeles, California. ACI is North America’s only organization to offer certification specifically in auriculotherapy, auricular acupuncture, and auricular medicine. In addition, ACI recognizes the contributions to this field both by ear acupuncture practitioners in China and by doctors of auricular medicine in Europe
With the primary mission of certifying
qualified practitioners of auriculotherapy,
as well as establishing and enforcing a
high standard of Ethics, ACI  provides
both professional and public recognition
of individuals who have obtained
advanced training in this specialized skill.
  The Ethical Principles of Auriculotherapy (EPOA) consist of a set of guidelines agreed to by the ACI which outline the moral duty, obligation, or custom on how certificants should behave professionally. These ethical principles are not all-inclusive and should not be viewed as limiting the scope of ethical responsibility of ACI certificants. Rather, the principles point out and underscore particular areas in which there is concern. (more ....)  

Requirements for ACI Certification

  • Completion of Application for Auriculotherapy Certification Form (AACF) provided by ACI.
  • Copy of official transcript from graduate degree granting institute.
  • Copy of current state health care license.
  • Completion of Advanced Auriculotherapy Training Form (AATF) provided by ACI which indicates educational training organization(s), instructor(s), and names and dates of courses previously taken.
  • Payment of ACI Exam Registration Fee.
  • Passing score of 75% on 100 multiple choice questions examining applicants knowledge of auricular anatomy, master points, musculoskeletal points, internal organ points, neuroendocrine points and functional points on the ear. Examinees are expected to know both the Chinese ear acupuncture points and the auriculotherapy system discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier of Lyon, France.
  • Passing score on ACI practicum exam offered by an authorized ACI examiner. The practicum evaluation will require discussion of applicant’s clinical experience with auriculotherapy and auricular acupuncture and a demonstration of clinical skills using auriculotherapy techniques, material and equipment used in that one’s clinical practice. The written and practicum ACI exams are usually given together and can be taken before the completion of other ACI certification forms and requirements. However, all ACI documents must be completed and turned into the ACI office within 60 days of passing the exams.
  • Documentation of 20 clinical cases treated with auriculotherapy using the Auriculotherapy Treatment Form (ATF) provided by ACI. Each vignette should include the health condition treated, clinical assessments prior to auriculotherapy treatment, the specific auricular points stimulated, the number of treatment sessions given, and the outcome of the treatment.

Individuals who are granted the ACI certificate are required to demonstrate high excellence in their academic knowledge and clinical skills in the treatment of various health conditions through the utilization of ear reflex points.  This certificate does not replace the need for state licensure in a specific health care field, but it does acknowledge specialty of training in this particular health care modality.

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