The Auriculotherapy Certification Institute (ACI) was established in 1999 to offer training and certification in this specific health care field. The purpose of obtaining ACI certification is to provide professional acknowledgement of those health care practitioners who have received advanced academic education and clinical training in the utilization of ear reflex points.

This certification process requires demonstration of courses taken in auriculotherapy, an objective written test, a practicum exam, and verification of clinical cases for 20 patients they have seen with auriculotherapy, auricular acupuncture, or ear reflexology.

Certified practitioners will have their name and contact information published on the website under the Directory of Practitioners. ACI certifications are offered for auriculotherapy by transcutaneous stimulation, auricular acupuncture with needle insertion, and ear reflexology with tactile manipulation.

Individuals who are granted the ACI certificate are required to demonstrate excellence in academic knowledge and clinical skills in the utilization of ear reflex points for the treatment of various health conditions, including the alleviation of chronic pain, substance abuse, and psychological stress.

A more specific list of the procedures for obtaining ACI certification is found on the Overview menu of this website. An ACI certificate does not replace the need for state licensure in a health care field in order to comply with state regulations.